News Release: AnswerStat Unveils New Website for Increased Usability

Healthcare call center website receives complete overhaul for easier navigation and greater functionality.

MATTAWAN, Mich., June 23, 2014 – Peter Lyle DeHaan announced the relaunch of AnswerStat magazine’s website. With the new site, content is now easier to find, the search feature is more robust, and related posts are automatically recommended for each page. Users will benefit by finding more content that is relevant and finding it faster.

The new site is powered by WordPress software, a leading website platform. “We started planning earlier this year and began the conversion in earnest in May,” said Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD. “I am pleased with the results. The new site has a clean look and is easy to navigate.”

First launched a decade ago, the original site was showing its age. Though incremental tweaks were made each year to address ever-evolving needs, the underlying structure remained unchanged. “As the site grew, it became increasingly harder to maintain. Plus, the technology behind it had become obsolete. Now that it’s running on WordPress, the technology is first-class and adding content is a breeze,” Peter added.

“We’ve always put a priority on providing excellent content for healthcare call centers and the telehealth industry,” said Peter. “But the website took a backseat to quality articles. Now, we have a smart looking site to showcase our great content.”

The 1.200-page site contains a complete archive of every article published since the magazine’s launch in 2003. In addition to articles, there are vendor information, an industry newsfeed, outsourcing call center directories, subscription information, and related resources.