Amtelco Welcomes Black Box into New Dealer/Distribution Program

Amtelco, parent company of 1Call, announced a new dealer/distribution program that allows partners to offer various Amtelco telecommunications products to their customers.  Amtelco is pleased to announce that Black Box Corporation has become a member of this program.

“Amtelco is happy to be partnering with Black Box as their breadth is so wide across all industries and the products they will sell – including Amtelco’s Soft Agent, ‘Just Say It,’ Pro Show, eCreator, and Red Alert systems — compliment communications systems and provide a superior customer service experience,” stated Amtelco president Tom Curtin.

The regional manager from Black Box in Arlington, Texas, Jeff Jamison, had this to say about the new partnership: “In today’s economy, we strive to offer our customers strategies and designs utilizing today’s cutting-edge technology.  Applications that can actually save a company valuable employee time equates into hard dollars.  We are excited to add the Amtelco product line to our portfolio, enriching our offerings, and providing forward-looking solutions.”