Amtelco Announces Brand Refresh

Amtelco, a trusted leader in the Contact Center and
Enterprise Critical Communications industries,
announces a brand refresh, a new logo, and several name

changes for company branches.

MCFARLAND, Wisconsin – January 31, 2024 —Today, Amtelco announced a brand refresh and updated branding for all its branches and office locations. All Amtelco divisions have been unified under the name Amtelco. All Amtelco company websites have been combined into one revamped site at

The new Amtelco logo maintains the green color associated with the Curtin family’s Irish heritage but uses a modern font and layout. Keen observers will notice a nod to the telecommunications industry that was purposefully designed for the “a” used in the logo. The 1Call and Telescan branches will now use the new logo and be rebranded as Amtelco.

“We have always been Amtelco,” said Tom Curtin, CEO of Amtelco. “As our company grew over the years, distinctive names were given to branches of Amtelco that reflected our communication expertise in different industries. However, that led to confusion about our company and the fact that no matter the industry, it has always been Amtelco solutions powering communication.”

In the coming months, Amtelco will roll out its brand refresh across its signs, company-branded clothing, marketing campaigns, and social media. Phase II of the brand refresh will begin in mid-2024 and will include changes to miSecureMessages – Amtelco’s secure messaging app. The miSecureMessages app will be rebranded as Amtelco Secure Messages and have an updated logo using the Amtelco “a” and green color.

“This rebrand gets us back to our roots while also signaling Amtelco’s commitment to cutting-edge products in the future,” continues Tom. “Our most recent release, called Active Insights, is a native cloud-specific development powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and has diverse applications in the telecommunications sector. We are living our motto of innovation built on tradition.”

About Amtelco

Amtelco is a family-owned software company devoted to providing fast, secure, and reliable communication solutions for healthcare, contact centers, and other organizations looking for immediate and reliable connections. Since 1976, customers have trusted Amtelco to provide the technology, the tools, and the five-star after-the-sale support to optimize communication and connection–when it matters most. Learn more about Amtelco at