Amtelco Adds New IS Features; MiSecureMessages Updated

Amtelco’s 1Call division announced a number of new Intelligent Series (IS) features. Version 4.2, which is currently in testing, includes updates for MergeComm automated notifications, scripting, IS mobile, voice services, and enhanced statistics and reports.

The new automated dispatching feature makes it possible for dispatching retries and escalation procedures to occur automatically, without operator intervention. MergeComm uses this feature to automate notifications for a variety of uses, such as alarms, HL7 ADT messages, and weather alerts. IS 4.2 also introduces group dispatching, to send messages to groups of recipients, using each recipient’s preferred contact method. Additionally, messages created by IS scripts can be formatted using an embedded html editor for email delivery. The messages can include tables, images, bullets, numbers, unique fonts, bold and italic text, underlining, and color.

Amtelco’s vice president of research and development, Kevin Beale stated, “These newest software updates have already received very positive feedback from our customers. Amtelco continues to keep customers’ needs in mind as we develop new features to increase staff productivity, reduce errors, and ultimately provide better service to their patients.”

In other news, miSecureMessages will soon add some powerful new features. These include audio, photo, video, and PDF attachments, enhanced contact information with images, phone numbers, and the ability to call directly from the miSecureMessages app. Other additions include new color scheme options, a new info button in a message thread, message thread archive, purge and retrieval features, faster message downloads, event notifications, and enhanced encryption methods.

MiSecureMessages provides HIPAA and HITECH compliant secure text messaging, keeping PHI secure, and speeding response times. The app is available for Android™ and Apple® devices, as well as secure online access; it is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2015.

Amtelco president Tom Curtin stated, “As the number of miSecureMessages users continues to grow, the continued development and new features available are rapidly multiplying as well. This release will prove to be another major enhancement for all of our customers, partners, and end users.”