Amcom Software Provides Next-Gen 911 IP Technology

Amcom Software Inc. announced that Adams County, Indiana is successfully fielding 3,500 calls monthly with the Amcom 911 call center solution.  Running the Amcom system on an underlying next-generation 911 (NG911) IP network now enables Adams County to shave critical seconds off the connection time for each call, speeding response times.

The team at Adams County incorporated an IP-based network not only to handle 911 calls from wireless and IP phones, but also to accept calls from landlines.  This forward-looking infrastructure effectively prepares them to handle anticipated changes in the way people contact 911, including the use of 911 text messages and videos.

“The combined Amcom 911 call center system and underlying IP network has taken the inefficiency out of the process for managing and responding to 911 calls,” said Patrick Norton, IT Manager, Adams County, Indiana.

“With the advances in IP and wireless technology taking place, there is a seismic shift happening in the way 911 calls need to be handled,” said Chris Heim, CEO, Amcom Software.  “The technology behind the scenes has to exchange information quickly to allow for fast response to the caller’s exact location.”