Amcom Software Acquires SDC Solutions

Amcom Software announced the acquisition of SDC Solutions, Inc. of Manchester, N.H.  The combined companies further strengthen Amcom’s position in the market for call-center and emergency management software, increasing their customer base and expanding customer solutions.

SDC Solutions’ products handle critical communications at healthcare, hospitality, higher education, government, and corporate organizations in the United States.  Said Amcom CEO, Chris Heim, “SDC Solutions has earned a strong presence in the same markets we already serve and excels at providing solutions in the small to mid-sized market.  We’re impressed with SDC Solutions’ well-regarded software and anticipate remarkable demand for these products from Amcom customers as well as the market in general.  SDC Solutions enjoys the loyalty of some of the country’s finest organizations and those customers can rest assured that we intend to continue serving their needs as our number one priority.”

This acquisition comes at a time when demand is increasing for mission-critical communications solutions for small to mid-sized organizations, especially in the healthcare and hospitality markets.  Regardless of size, hospitals, hotels, and other organizations are finding they need to make sure critical communications are carried out quickly, efficiently, and accurately. “This is a new era for small to mid-sized organizations,” said Amcom CFO Dan Mayleben.  “They realize smart technology choices can propel them forward.  The acquisition of SDC Solutions helps us serve this need in key industries.”

Also prompting this acquisition was a growing number of requests from SDC Solutions customers to extend their mission-critical software solutions to help manage problems related to 911 call management, incident management, and critical paging infrastructure.