Amcom Launches Next-Generation “Mass Notification 2.0” Solution

Amcom Software has released Amcom e.Notify 4.5, a next-generation advance in mass notification and emergency management technology.  This release continues and expands on the company’s platform of solutions for managing safety and health issues.  As mass notification has matured, organizations are finding that they need to surpass simple blast notifications and want new capabilities.

“Customers are telling us they want to do more than simply ‘ring the bell’ to tell their employees, guests, patients, students, or response teams that there is a problem,” said Amcom CEO Chris Heim.  “They need to know if the victim or caller is safe or in trouble.  They need a focused dialog with emergency teams to ensure situational awareness, coordinated response, and risk management.  They need to escalate and communicate in many different ways in order to make sure teams are handling assigned tasks via standardized procedures and are aware of dependencies.  This release of e.Notify takes the next step into ‘Mass Notification 2.0’ to help connect everybody involved in managing an emergency so they can work quickly, with better information and coordination, to solve the problem at-hand.”

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