Ambs Call Center Sponsors AnswerStat E-Distribution

Ambs Call Center Helps AnswerStat Magazine Become Greener

Ambs Call Center, a contact center serving the needs of the healthcare community, has agreed to sponsor the electronic distribution of AnswerStat magazine, which covers the healthcare call center industry.

Ambs Call Center

AnswerStat magazine salutes Ambs Call Center for making the e-distribution of AnswerStat magazine possible,” stated Peter Lyle DeHaan, publisher of AnswerStat magazine. “The forward-thinking leadership of Aaron Boatin and Ambs Call Center has advanced our green initiative, saving needless printing and delivery costs, thereby limiting landfill waste and effectively reducing emissions from delivery vehicles.”

Currently, twenty percent of AnswerStat subscribers receive their copies of the magazine electronically. “While we encourage subscribers to read digital copies of the magazine, we have no plans to eliminate printing and mailing issues to our readers who prefer a hard copy,” said DeHaan. “It is a balancing act that we are happy to walk in order to meet the needs of all our stakeholders.”

AnswerStat magazine, soon to start its tenth year of publication, has seen support and interest in the magazine steadily increase over time. “This is in no small part to the support of progressive companies such as Ambs Call Center,” added DeHaan.

For more information and to read content online go to AnswerStat magazine’s website.