Ambs Call Center Integrates with Notifi Critical Test Result Management System

Ambs Call Center and HIT Application Solutions have successfully developed bidirectional integration between the HIT Notifi critical test result management application and the Ambs Call Center medical call center software.

Notifi is an alerting system used by healthcare institutions to contact clinicians when a critical test result is received.  Notifi satisfies the Joint Commission’s 2nd Patient Safety Goal, which is to improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers.  When an alert is created by Notifi, Ambs Call Center’s software provides the most up-to-date clinician contact information, including on-call and escalation communication preferences.

Ambs Call Center is a provider of medical call center services offering health systems and clinics proven ROI and improved patient satisfaction.  Service offerings include physician referral, class registration, physician answering service, and switchboard outsourcing.  “It’s our most recent example of combing our medical call center expertise with cutting edge technology to improve our health care clients outcomes and reducing their cost to deliver services,” stated Andrew Ambs, Vice President of Operations.  HIT Application Solutions provides healthcare information technology application development and consulting.