Acqueon Releases AiQ 4.0

Acqueon Technologies announced the release of AiQ 4.0, which offers new social media and mobile application features to improve the customer experience and an improved SIP engine to give contact centers greater support for telephony and web mashups. AiQ enables organizations to offer numerous communication channels in their contact centers including, social media, texting, and chat along with voice and email.

A universal work assignment engine as opposed to the traditional skill-based routing used in legacy contact centers enables enterprises to service and route their customer interactions to the right resources based the context of their current and past interaction history.

This version reduces the time callers need to wait to talk to an agent and enables them to continue an interaction with the same agent even if it was unexpectedly interrupted. Supervisor desktop applications join data reporting in a growing list of applications accessible via a range of mobile devices for supervisors outside of the traditional call center.

Acqueon provides solutions to the healthcare field with applications such as prescription refill, telemarketing to prospective clients, and collections, as well as helping with disease management and control emergency room visits and costs.