1Call’s Pro Show Now Available as a Hosted Solution

Healthcare organizations must constantly contend with patients who miss their scheduled appointments without notifying the physician’s office. These “no show” appointments cost thousands of dollars in wasted resources and staff time. 1Call’s Pro Show automated appointment reminder helps healthcare organizations be proactive by reminding patients in advance, saving time and money and increasing staff productivity.

Pro Show has been available as an on-site solution for several years, and is now available as a hosted solution. Pro Show reminds patients via home phone, mobile phone, email, and text messages. Reminders can be sent instantly or scheduled. Pro Show can also remind physicians and staff about upcoming meetings, classes, and other events.

Currently, healthcare organizations are sending thousands of automated appointment reminders each month, resulting in a significant reduction of patient “no shows.” This has also shortened waiting lists, since rescheduling appointments is no longer necessary. 1Call president Tom Curtin said, “The automated Pro Show significantly increases staff productivity, as staff members no longer need to manually call patients to remind them about upcoming appointments.”

In other news, 1Call’s miSecureMessages, which sends encrypted messages to smartphones and mobile devices, tracks messages sent from operators and messages sent from device to device. A complete audit trail shows the message, when it was sent, when the message was read, what the reply was, and when the reply was sent. This information gives healthcare organizations complete and detailed records for maintaining historical accuracy. The reports are accessible only by an administrator and can now be exported to Microsoft® Excel® or to Adobe® PDF formats.