1Call Online Training Receives High Marks

The 1Call Division of Amtelco recently held a series of online training sessions.  1Call customers had the opportunity to attend sessions from their own offices, while listening to the presentation on their phone, and watching on their computers.  The sessions included:

  • Intelligent Series Scripts, led by Amtelco’s Michael Quimby and Stacey Olson, along with Melinda Keltner from the University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Remote Operators and Operator Training by Heidi Skokut from Aurora Medical Center
  • H1N1 Pandemic Call Center Planning by Betty Bouchie from Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre
  • What’s New by Amtelco’s Kevin Beale
  • Web On-Call Scheduling, led by Julie Clark of Mayo Clinic Hospital

Comments from attendees included, “The online demonstrations were great and they were explained step-by-step which made it easy to follow.  The voices were as if they were in the same room.  Very well done!” “Very informative,” and “Was interesting to get a customer’s perspective.  Excellent information and well worth the time.”  Attendees said they would attend future online seminars, because of “budget constraints, and increased attendance from all of our leadership team.”