1Call Introduces Synergy HL7

The 1Call Division of Amtelco introduced the Synergy HL7 system, instantly communicating HL7 data to the personnel that need it.  Synergy HL7 is a performance improvement tool that provides advanced, automated notification technology to speed dispatch jobs, reduce errors, and optimize workflow for:

  • Staff Dispatching
  • Bed Management
  • Patient Admits
  • Patient Transfers
  • Patient Discharges
  • STAT Orders
  • Lab Results
  • Pharmacy
  • Patient Escort and Transportation

Synergy uses the HL7 data from an organization’s existing HIS system, filters the data, and automatically notifies personnel about these types of specific events.  The instant notification makes it possible for staff to act immediately, helping organizations efficiently take care of patients, rooms, results, and equipment.

According to Amtelco President, Tom Curtin, “Synergy HL7 is an innovative system that delivers a fast ROI to healthcare organizations by helping them more quickly move patients from the emergency room to a hospital room.  Synergy brings key data and people together, helping ensure their enterprise runs more effectively.”