1Call Introduces OnTeam Scheduling and Instant Messaging Tool

1Call introduced OnTeam Scheduling, an advanced workforce-scheduling module that automatically and quickly creates complex schedules.  This module generates the elaborate schedules needed for each department, helping ensure staff members are scheduled at the appropriate times each day.  It features simplified setup, with custom shifts and custom rules that work together to quickly create the detailed schedules.  For example, a nurse scheduled for a 24-hour on-call shift on Monday can be automatically scheduled off on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The flexibility of the shifts and rules makes it easy to meet each department’s unique scheduling requirements.

Amtelco president Tom Curtin said, “With a single click, the OnTeam Scheduling module saves an amazing amount of time.  Knowing that it can take two people as many as three days to manually schedule a single department each month, the days and hours of time saved is truly astonishing.”  The module is Web-based, and integrates with Microsoft Outlook calendars, giving users convenient access.  It functions as a stand-alone module, and integrates with 1Call Infinity systems.

1Call also introduced the new Infinity IS Messenger to provide real-time chat capabilities for a number of 1Call applications, including Infinity telephone agent, soft agent, Infinity IS supervisor, and the MiteyMite desktop application.   With IS Messenger, operators can send and receive instant text chat messages with supervisors, other operators, and MiteyMite users.  IS Messenger also allows MiteyMite users to chat directly with other MiteyMite users.  Conversations can be held with one individual or multiple participants.  Each chat is displayed in a separate window, allowing users to easily switch between conversations.

When used with the Infinity IS Directory View Action, operators can screen calls for individuals, using IS Messenger to announce the call and receive immediate instructions.  Complete message histories, including both sides of a chat, are maintained for all conversations.  “Chat is such an accepted manner of communications,” Curtin stated, ” that it only makes sense to apply chat to MiteyMite in the healthcare market as another way to communication with personnel in real time.”

For more information contact 1Call at 800-225-6035, info@1call.com, or www.1call.com.