1Call Introduces MiteyMite Communication Tool

1Call introduced MiteyMite, a software application that allows physicians and all staff enterprise-wide to quickly and easily communicate with fellow staff members.  This eliminates the need for sticky notes, paper directories, printing costs, wasted time trying to find numbers, and calling operators.  The results are better quality care to patients through more efficient staff communications.

MiteyMite can call, page, or send an email, SMS text message, or instant message.  It uses SIP dialing to call or page anyone directly from the desktop, and even Record the conversation.  Additionally, it also keeps physicians and staff updated about important organization information by displaying the designated RSS feeds.

Using the MiteyMite’s incremental search box, physicians, and staff can rapidly locate staff members by typing a name or phone number.  With each keystroke the search results are updated with the closest matching name or number, saving time for physicians and staff.  MiteyMite can access information in optionally included directories, patient information directories, and link to Microsoft® Outlook® contacts.

For more information, contact 1Call at 800-356-9148, visit www.1call.com, or email info@1call.com.