1Call Introduces Dashboard Monitoring and Mobile Applications

1Call announced the stand-alone Infinity IS Dashboard real-time monitoring application and a new suite of Enterprise-Wide and Mobile applications.  The dashboard gives managers a visual snapshot of current system traffic, call types, average time to answer, operators, and waits.  The dashboard can be run on a desktop PC and displayed on large monitors.  The information displayed on the dashboard can be customized to show multiple types of charts and gauges, with the exact information needed to effectively run the call center.

The dashboard can also be Web-enabled, allowing managers to view information from a home PC or mobile phone browser.  Managers, physicians, and staff can also access Infinity IS directories, on-call schedules, messages, and reports from PCs and mobile phone browsers, keeping them up-to-date from virtually anywhere.

Amtelco president Tom Curtin stated, “We are really excited about having such a large, visual real-time ‘dashboard’ for improving the decision-making process.  Now, at a glance, managers see detailed system information.  Using mobile Web access, managers can view the real-time dashboard on their Blackberry or iPhone.  This provides incredible freedom and decision-making abilities to staff.”