1Call Infinity IS Soft Agent Rated “Avaya Compliant”

The 1Call Division of Amtelco announce that the 1Call Infinity IS Soft Agent has received the Avaya DevConnect Compliant Award for successful compliance testing with Avaya, Inc.’s Communication Manager 5.0, and SIP Enablement Services 5.0.  Amtelco is a member of the Avaya DevConnect Program.

The 1Call Infinity Soft Agent offers revolutionary simplicity to improve both agent and call center performance, instantly impacting an organization’s bottom line.  The key to the power of the Infinity IS Soft Agent is the built-in search and action capabilities of the Soft Agent Sandbox, which provides a single point of focus, saving time and eliminating agent errors.  With each keystroke, the Sandbox knows to either look up information real time or to call a number.

This compliance expands the capabilities available for 1Call’s healthcare customers that use Avaya products.  1Call is committed to continually improving the integrations between the 1Call products and the Avava PBXs, helping improve 1Call/Avaya customers’ enterprise-wide communications.

Other 1Call/Amtelco products have received the DevConnect Compliant award, including the 1Call Infinity system and the eCreator browser-based scripting system.