1Call Celebrates 25 Years of Healthcare Communications

1Call, a division of Amtelco, announced they are celebrating their 25-year anniversary and continued growth of the software solutions and applications they create for the healthcare contact center marketplace.

Amtelco, 1Call’s parent company, has been a leading provider of communication applications since 1976. Amtelco was supplying innovative communication solutions for more than twenty years to all types of industries, including healthcare, when leaders recognized an opportunity to focus on the unique communication needs in healthcare facilities. The 1Call Division was created in 1997 to help streamline communications.

1Call’s complete line of modular solutions are specifically designed for hospitals and clinics to help unify enterprise-wide communications, save an organization’s limited resources, and improve efficiencies, all with the goal of bringing wellness patients.

“Reliable healthcare communication is crucial,” said Tom Curtin, CEO of 1Call. “We are honored that our hospital customers have trusted us for twenty-five years with their call center software needs. We have a responsibility to help our customers support the communities they serve, especially during the pandemic.

“Scripted workflows have been incredibly useful right now because information surrounding COVID-19 is always changing. Our intelligent messaging scripts are easy to edit to guide agents through each call with up-to-date information. Web-based communication options continue to be a popular option for remote operators. Our web agent enables customers with running their call centers in a virtual server environment or in the cloud.”

Over the past twenty-five years, 1Call has been successful at leveraging technology to meet and exceed the needs of their customers and outperform other industry business platforms to position itself in the most competitive way possible.