1Call Announces Third Annual Leadership Conference and Training Seminar

The 1Call Division of Amtelco Third Annual Leadership Conference and Training Seminar will be held Tuesday, September 29 through Thursday, October 1, 2009, in Madison, Wisconsin.  This two-track conference and seminar will again be held at the Monona Terrace Convention Center, inspired by world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

All 1Call customers, including Administrators, Managers, Supervisors, and Lead Operators are invited to attend.  Similar to the previous two years, the 2009 sessions will include topics for the entire group, as well as separate Leadership Track and Training Track sessions.  At Leadership sessions, guest speakers will discuss new call center technologies, show attendees how to add new services for their customers, and how to use the newest features to save time, reduce errors, and improve staff productivity and efficiency.  The Training sessions will provide attendees with hands-on training, and detailed report reviews.

According to Amtelco President Tom Curtin, “The unique combination of 1Call Leadership and Training sessions give all of our customers the opportunity to participate in these information-packed sessions.  We’re looking forward to another successful opportunity for in-depth learning and networking opportunities!”