August 2023 Issue of AnswerStat

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Feature Content:

Embracing Digital Transformation, by Mark Montgomery
Embracing digital transformation can help healthcare providers enhance member support in the changing landscape of healthcare. . . . << read more >>

Vital Signs: Call Center Stakeholder Integration, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
Don’t overlook stakeholder integration in your call center when seeking to optimize your operation and to pursue successful outcomes. . . . << read more >>

Vendor Spotlight:  TriageLogic Case Study: Improving Medical Message Intake with Augmented Intelligence
Improve medical message intake with augmented intelligence for your operators by using MedMessage Assist from TriageLogic. . . . << read more >>

Guest Column: Gamification in the Contact Center by Nicole Limpert
The evidence is clear. Gamification of call analytics is a win for everyone. . . . << read more >>

3 Reasons Why Triage Nurses Need to Train with Simulated Patients, by Ravi K. Raheja, MD
Training with simulated patients is critical to ensure that nurses are well-prepared to provide high-quality care in real-world situations. . . . << read more >>

Ten Years Ago: Telehealth Checklists: Staying on Track Across the Miles, by Dr. Charu Raheja
Telehealth checklists offer a simple solution that provides a significant impact, offering protocols that safeguard quality. . . . << read more >>

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