Vendor Spotlight: LVM Systems


From its start in 1988, LVM Systems’ exclusive objective has been to help healthcare call centers help the patients they serve. This focused emphasis on the needs of healthcare call centers has enabled LVM to become a leading vendor in this niche. LVM listens to the expressed needs of the 250 plus healthcare call center clients it serves.

To remain an industry leader, LVM constantly refines its products by adding more functionality, greater usability, and enhanced call handling efficiency. Client input assists LVM’s development team to assure the products and services LVM delivers address the industry’s greatest needs.

Recent enhancements include:

  • Discount fee structures for various programs, memberships, and classes
  • Interactive patient history, accessible at any point during the call
  • Ability to send an email of any report as a secure, web-based document to any recipient
  • Enhanced reporting efficiency of commonly run reports
  • Override options to hide system controls or unlock fields
  • Functionality to store documents to a database attached to the individual’s record
  • Color coded records, for example: high acuity triage calls
  • Global addresses to enable patients to directly reach hospital departments
  • Automated system notifications that monitor and display specific data, such as status bar, balloon notifications, or pop-up messages
  • Check data routine suggests maintenance reports that need to be run

In addition to its traditional marketing and CRM capabilities, LVM’s healthcare call center solutions offer advanced nurse triage functionality, along with a full array of physician referral, class and membership management systems, patient transfer, and behavioral health functions. These are offered as either installed solutions or as SaaS hosted by LVM at one of its two data centers.

To increase the hospital’s communication with its associated organizations’ ability to integrate with the core Centaurus call center system, LVM has also developed the following products:

  • iCentaurus, a remote reporting function, enables the call center to provide restricted report printing capabilities to any related organization from remote locations via the web. The call center determines the reports and specific parameters the associated organization can generate. Now, the Lamaze class trainer can generate class rosters whenever it fits her schedule.
  • iNurseTriage, a streamlined web-based triage system, is accessible from any PC or laptop without the need for IT support or installation. It provides an efficient, standardized triage assessment and recommendation, electronically generating a detailed patient chart that can be sent to the hospital’s ED, electronic health record (EHR), or a specific referred-to department via a secured server. If preferred, it can be printed and added to the hard-copy patient record. Patient data is stored in a single shared database, facilitating communication between the clinics and the call center. As a result, reporting is robust. iNurseTriage virtually eliminates the need for training, saving both time and money.

Health coaching (HC) solutions continue to gain prominence in a hospital’s corporate offerings. LVM’s comprehensive health coaching solutions combine detailed clinical content along with the technological capabilities needed to structure and run a multi-level program. LVM’s HC solution enables its clients to track outcomes, cost savings, and revenue associated with the patient over time, linking these values back to the initial and on-going interactions.

Since being officially recognized as a disease state, eradicating, or at least reducing, obesity has gained critical importance. LVM is currently developing a stand-alone obesity health coaching care plan, as well as integrating obesity co-morbidity factors into other health coaching solutions.

As we all have seen in recent years, ongoing improvements in cellular phones and in sending photos via the Internet now enable the patient, as appropriate, to send to the call center nurse a real-time photo (or video) of the reason prompting the triage call (such as a rash, burn, laceration, or so forth). The photo or video would then be saved to the call transaction file and made available for inclusion in the patient’s EHR or paper chart. This will allow call center triage nurses to use an otherwise missing critical tool of triage, visual assessment.

How has LVM not only survived but continued to grow during its twenty-eight year history? Certainly key has been providing both comprehensive, efficient software coupled with recognized quality clinical content. But LVM’s success goes beyond the product to the relationships built with clients by various support staff. Whether it is a technical need, a product or report customization, or a web revision, LVM has earned a reputation for providing excellent after-sale support.

This reputation for meeting the clients’ needs positioned LVM as the logical company to take over support of McKesson’s RelayCare Call Center customers. Effective February 1, 2015, LVM began providing third party support and maintenance services to McKesson’s call center customers. These call centers are now positioned to join the hundreds of healthcare call centers around the world that depend on LVM Systems to provide best-in-class customer support, leading-edge reporting methodologies, and exceptional customization capabilities.

LVM has defined an orderly migration process for the McKesson call centers to make the switch to LVM. Over the next few years, the McKesson RelayCare clients will have an opportunity to move to LVM’s Centaurus call center solution.

For more information or a demonstration of LVM’s call center solutions, please contact Carol Zeek, regional VP, sales, at 480-633-8200 x279 or Leann Delaney, regional VP, sales at 480-633-8200 x286.

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LVM Systems, Inc. develops and markets software and related Internet products exclusively in the healthcare call center industry. Its primary niche is CRM healthcare solutions that support hospital readmission reduction, nurse triage, health coaching, referral and marketing services, patient transfers, behavioral health, and physician relations management. LVM Systems has proudly served this market since 1988 and has hundreds of healthcare organizations as clients. For more information about LVM Systems, contact Mark Dwyer, COO, at 480-427-3175 or