Vendor Spotlight: LVM Systems


LVM Systems, one of the industry’s largest providers of hospital-based healthcare call center solutions, celebrated another successful year in 2016. This marked its twenty-ninth consecutive year of annual profitability since its founding in 1988.

Driven by comprehensive software, customized training, and exceptional support services, LVM has established a reputation for quality. At LVM, past accomplishments drive ongoing improvements and the development of additional functionality to increase the success of its clients.

LVM has again taken the lead by bringing to market a comprehensive, individually customizable, multi-morbidity care management program. Appropriately named, the Co-Morbidity Care Management Program (CCMP) assists hospitals in cutting costs through better care coordination and advanced health coaching solutions. Included in the program are annually updated standards of care, diabetes distress screening, Zung depression survey, adherence report card, and patient and physician letters.

LVM’s extensive health coaching solutions combine detailed clinical content along with the technological capabilities needed to structure and run a multi-level, multi-morbidity program. The health coaching solutions enable clients to track outcomes, cost savings, and revenue associated with the patient over time, linking these values back to the initial and on-going interactions.

Since being officially recognized as a disease state, eradicating, or at least reducing, obesity has gained critical importance. And with many obese individuals also suffering from additional chronic health conditions, the ability to address multiple morbidities within a single program is more important than ever in order to effectively manage resources and save costs.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ—2013), 71 cents of every dollar of US healthcare spending goes to treating people with multiple chronic conditions. AHRQ further found that “More than a quarter of all Americans—and two out of three older Americans—are estimated to have at least two chronic physical or behavioral health problems.”

Further supporting these findings was a study by the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (2015), which found that 191 million people in America had at least one chronic disease and 75 million had two or more chronic diseases.

Despite this growing number of high-risk, high-cost patients in need of coordinated care, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently passed a final pass-through pay rule estimated to cost hospitals more than $3 billion a year in supplemental funding to safety net providers. Consequently, today well-coordinated, cost-effective care is more critical than ever.

It’s not just about cost savings. The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease in a 2016 study, noted that, “In America 1,100,000 lives could be saved annually through better prevention and treatment of chronic disease.” This should be care management’s top priority.

To improve communication with a hospital’s associated organizations enabling them to easily integrate with the core Centaurus call center system, LVM has developed iCentaurus, a remote reporting function. iCentaurus enables the call center to provide restricted report printing capabilities to any related organization from remote locations via the web. The call center determines the reports and specific parameters the associated organization can generate. Now, the partnering care facility can access patient care management reports whenever desired.

LVM constantly adds increased functionality, greater usability, and enhanced call handling efficiency to its base system. Client input assists LVM’s development team to assure the products and services LVM delivers address the industry’s greatest needs.

Recent enhancements include:

  • Send real-time photos videos via the Internet to the call center nurse of the condition prompting the triage call (such as a rash, burn, laceration, etc.) This allows the triage nurse to use an otherwise missing critical triage tool: visual assessment.
  • Saving the photos and videos to the call transaction file makes them available for inclusion in the patient’s EHR or paper chart
  • Interactive patient history, accessible at any point during the call
  • Discount fee structures for various programs, memberships, and classes
  • Ability to send an email of any report as a secure, web-based document to any recipient
  • Override options to hide system controls or unlock fields
  • Functionality to store documents to a database attached to the individual’s record
  • Color-coded records, for example: high acuity triage calls.
  • Global addresses to enable patients to directly reach hospital departments.
  • Automated system notifications that monitor and display specific data, such as status bar, balloon notifications, or pop-up messages.
  • Check data routine that suggests maintenance reports that need to be run
  • The ability to host an installed solution or run it as SaaS hosted by LVM in one of its two, high-security data centers.

In addition to its advanced pediatric and adult nurse triage functionality, LVM’s healthcare call center solutions include CRM database segmentation functions along with a full array of physician referral, class, and membership management systems, patient transfer, and behavioral health input functions, among others.

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For more information or a demonstration of LVM’s call center solutions contact Carol Zeek, regional VP, sales, at 480-633-8200 x279 or Leann Delaney, regional VP, sales at 480-633-8200 x286.