Vendor Spotlight: LVM Systems releases LVM One v.1.6


LVM is excited to introduce the latest iteration of its versatile contact center/transactional software, LVM One 1.6. This update delivers enhanced functionalities explicitly tailored for healthcare organizations, including advanced Patient Transfer and Behavioral Health features alongside its renowned Triage and Marketing tools.

The Patient Transfer feature incorporates intelligent software designed to streamline transfer processes, reducing overall transfer duration while optimizing operational effectiveness. It uses insights from past transfer activities to employ keywords to display the pertinent data fields necessary for managing and monitoring diverse transfer scenarios. Through customizable templates and intelligent decision-making algorithms, LVM’s Patient transfer optimizes resource allocation, elevates staff morale, and minimizes operational costs.

The innovative platform facilitates seamless communication among healthcare professionals and orchestrates reducing overall transfer duration while optimizing operational effectiveness. This portal fosters collaboration among nurses, transfer coordinators, healthcare professionals, and transport service providers. Through data-driven decision-making, the LVM solution ensures a consistently high standard of patient care throughout the transfer journey.

Moreover, the Patient Transfer solution integrates on-call schedules to identify available physicians, a facilities management module to locate suitable transports and hospitals, and a bed board and assignment tool. Real-time analytics, rapid filters for immediate insights, an ad-hoc reporting feature, and customizable real-time dashboards keep stakeholders informed about patient wait times, resource availability, process outcomes, and more.

LVM’s Behavioral Health Intake & Assessment software meticulously monitors every facet of the intake procedure, encompassing requested services, involved providers, and required assessments. It furnishes a comprehensive array of data points utilized throughout an intake call, serving as a detailed blueprint.

Moreover, LVM’s solution empowers organizations to tailor the software’s data points and workflows to meet organizational requirements. All recorded data, including insurance details and contacts associated with intake, admission, and discharge, resides within reportable fields. This data capture ensures the thorough documentation of the entire intake process, facilitating reporting in any desired format.

Furthermore, organizations can integrate transaction history with their Electronic Health Record (EHR). Whether utilized as part of the overarching LVM software solution or independently, LVM’s Behavioral Health Intake & Assessment system offers comprehensive functionality.

Additional features recently added to enhance your user and patient experience include:

  • Speech-to-text Translation
  • Discovery (Ad Hoc) Reporting
  • Standard Phone Integration
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Integrated Chat and Contact Center Software 

LVM One 1.6 empowers healthcare entities with cutting-edge tools to streamline enhanced communication and uphold the highest standards of care while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

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