Vendor Spotlight: LVM’s Finest Hour


From its humble beginnings in 1988, LVM Systems has grown from one software developer with a dream to a thriving company that is recognized as a key software solution provider for healthcare call centers around the country. Founded by Les Mortensen, LVM Systems is a privately owned company based in Mesa, Arizona.

LVM’s flagship software product, Centaurus, is a powerful healthcare call center software tool. With Centaurus, healthcare call centers can manage functions such as telehealth triage, marketing referral, disease management, and hospital re-admission reduction.

Centaurus’s power lies in its ability to effectively manage vast databases and create reports to show organizations the quantifiable impact a healthcare call center makes. LVM and Centaurus are making significant contributions to hundreds of clients across the country.

But LVM does more than provide software solutions exclusively for healthcare organizations; it is a family that cares. If you visited LVM Systems’ Mesa, Arizona, office on March 13, you may have been a little surprised to find twenty-one employees missing their hair, or at least most of it.

In what they called a “Scalp Revelation Celebration,” twenty men and one woman shaved their heads to express their love and support for one of their own. “It’s just hair,” Kathy (not her real name) posted online. Yet under masked attempts at humor, Kathy’s words revealed the feelings known only to those facing an arduous treatment regimen designed to eradicate their disease.

So, in what some employees like to call “LVM’s Finest Hour,” twenty-one employees, some with little hair to lose and others with full, thick locks, did what only true friends would do. They willingly joined Kathy among the locks-free. “It’s amazing how much time (and shampoo) you save getting ready for work,” said one employee, “which allows more time to sleep!”

If you know anyone who finds him or herself in Kathy’s situation, locate yourself a good barber. Your ‘Kathy’ will thank you for your show of solidarity, and you’ll be glad you did.

LVM Systems, Inc. develops and markets software and related Internet products exclusively in the healthcare call center industry. Its primary niche is solutions that support hospital readmission reduction, nurse triage, disease management, referral and marketing services, patient transfers, and physician relations management. LVM Systems has proudly served this market since 1988 and has hundreds of healthcare organizations as clients.

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[From the April/May 2014 issue of AnswerStat magazine]