Call to Action: Nationally Renowned Carenet Is Raising Medical Call Center Standards

By Mario Ochoa and Nicole Ochoa

Carenet, a national leader in the healthcare support services industry, is delivering on its promise of creating an enhanced client and patient experience. Established over two decades ago as part of the world-renowned CHRISTUS Health hospital system, Carenet is moving the needle when it comes to member, employee, and community care of clients nationwide

Carenet president, John IrwinThe firm is a catalyst between patients, providers, and insurance companies. “You have certain needs to be met, your provider wants to make sure he’s serving you well, and the insurance companies want to make sure that was the right course of action. All those parties need to come together to do the right thing so you get the right level of care,” explains John Erwin, Carenet president (in photo, at right).

The objective of Carenet, as Erwin points out, is to serve as an expert health consultant and to help patients navigate the system, empower them to make the best decisions, and make everyone a little bit better. Erwin also forecasts prolific changes in the healthcare industry, including a greater emergence of technology and concentrated effort on improving overall customer experience.

A Trusted Healthcare Partner: Carenet’s client list encompasses top medical facilities and programs throughout the U.S., including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Scripps, and the US Military. “Clients are incredibly careful in terms of who they work with. They do their due diligence in being very respectful of their members, and they take their time.” The strong relationship Carenet builds with each of their clients facilitates a ninety-eight percent client retention rate.

“This is a people business. How we affect our teams and how our teams affect our clients is really everything. Three things we did really great and two things not so great. Being keenly aware of that makes you realize you better have the right folks.”  Erwin asserts the success of Carenet is a direct testament to the caliber of their employees. “Our success is due to the team we’ve assembled. It’s a mix of executives that have come from outside of healthcare and a mix that come from within healthcare.”

Exceeding Industry Standards: Today, Carenet is thriving. As the business grows and passionate people have joined the original team, its shared mission of better care for the patient is at the center of its success. The firm continues its commitment to providing 24/7 personalized support to our clients and their members while offering guaranteed results strategies to achieve set business goals.

And with new healthcare guidelines in place, Erwin expects it to have a profound effect on the company. However, their main objective is going to be defining and executing best practices. “We should be the clearing house of what is working very well,” says Erwin. “There are going to be thousands of entities trying to do the best they can, but we will design the best practices. We are going to ensure that this is being done in the most efficient, valuable, patient-centered manner.

“We think there’s a real opportunity over the next five to ten years for the award-winning healthcare institutions to differentiate themselves on how they support their members. We’re all going to feel better about it and have accessibility to experts who are really in our corner,” shares Erwin. “Our best chance to affect people and pass that on is now.”

Within his uncompromising leadership and vision, Erwin maintains his highest priority is building this type of framework into the culture of Carenet. “It is time to evaluate the healthcare landscape, create valuable partnerships, and execute a strategy designed to push patient care to higher levels of quality. We feel we are at the epicenter of this transition, and we are excited about where we can lead this movement.”

Carenet delivers measurable value through their cost-effective and efficient solutions, providing personalized member support and medical assistance exclusively to America’s leading healthcare organizations. They help their clients build and strengthen vital relationships with their members and patients. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Carenet supports ten million members nationwide. Learn more about their customized solutions at or call 800-226-6200.

[From the August/September 2010 issue of AnswerStat magazine]