TriageLogic Releases Answering Service API


TriageLogic released their answering service API, which allows any web-based answering service to submit a triage call to TriageLogic’s Call Center Solution™ software, directly from their platform. Since answering services and nurse triage call centers perform completely separate functions, they typically run on different software platforms.

However, the two entities must coordinate with each other. In most cases, the answering service takes a message and faxes the information to the triage center. Another common scenario is for the operator to verbally relay the information to the triage center. Unfortunately, both of these practices are time-consuming and expensive.

With TriageLogic’s answering service API, the non-clinical operator submits the information directly to TriageLogic for the nurse to see immediately. This improved process saves time and money, as well as decreases the potential for error or delay in the relay process. Another benefit is the flexibility the new answering service API provides for medical practices.


If a practice has a relationship with an answering service, they can add triage services with minimal changes to their current after-hours infrastructure and without requiring the answering service to use a different software platform to enter patient calls.