TIA Files Comments on EPA Energy Star Program Requirements

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), representing manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, filed comments with the EPA in response to the draft program requirements for telephony. In addition to making several technical recommendations on applying the program to modern telephony, TIA commended the program’s outreach to industry to ensure the requirements of the Energy Star program evolve to reflect technology developments, while enabling companies to innovate best-in-class technologies.

“TIA members have long been supporters and participants in the Energy Star program,” said TIA president Grant Seiffert. “As a Standards Development Organization (SDO), TIA has seen first-hand how voluntary, market-driven standards lead to innovation in our industry. Energy Star has played a critical role in providing incentives for the innovation of energy efficient technologies in ways that mandates cannot.:

The comments also stated that TIA members greatly value the Energy Star certification and rely on this certification to market their products to retailers and consumers.