LVM Systems Scores Big in Customer Satisfaction Ratings


Since its formation in 1988, LVM Systems has held customer service as one of its cornerstones and a key differentiator in their healthcare call center niche. 

According to their 2009 client satisfaction survey, LVM is still hitting the mark.  More than 125 clients participated in the 13-question survey that gathered feedback on interaction with LVM staff and overall customer service and satisfaction.  Key results are:

  • When interacting with LVM staff members, which best describes your experience?
    70.7% very satisfied; 26% satisfied (total of 96.7%)
  • Overall, how satisfied are you with the customer service LVM provides?
    66.7% very satisfied; 26% satisfied (total of 92.7%)

If you follow the gurus of satisfaction measurement, a single question stands out from the rest.  Customers may be happy, but would they act on that confidence in their vendor? 

To the question, “Would you recommend LVM Systems to other organizations?”  95.9% answered “Yes.” 

According to Les Mortensen, LVM’s founder and president, “Many of our new clients contacted us as a result of meeting or networking with a satisfied LVM customer.”

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