1Call Introduces Infinity IS Transformer

1Call introduced the Infinity IS Transformer, an application that automatically transforms Infinity message tickets into Infinity Intelligent Series (IS) scripts.  The IS Transformer can also automatically transform message tickets from replaced systems into Infinity IS scripts.  This process saves a tremendous amount of time, eliminating many of the hours spent manually entering data.

Amtelco President Tom Curtin said, “The Infinity IS Transformer Application is an amazing breakthrough for all of our current customers, as well as our future customers.  This can save them an incredible amount of programming time, allowing call center managers to focus on other needs in their call center, and returning a fast ROI.”

The Infinity IS Transformer adds one more convenient script creation method to the tools already available for customers.  These tools include a series of preloaded template scripts, and the online resource library, which includes a training library, webinar library, script library and demo library.  The script library allows customers to upload scripts to share with others, as well as download scripts for their own use.  Customers can easily customize any scripts at any time.