1Call Introduces Infinity IS Soft Agent

The 1Call division of Amtelco announced the new 1Call Infinity IS Soft Agent, which offers simplicity to improve operator and call center performance.  The key to the Infinity IS Soft Agent is the combination of built-in search and action capabilities of the Soft Agent Sandbox, combined with a straightforward, uncluttered screen.  With each keystroke, the intelligence of the Sandbox knows to either look up information or to call a number.  The Soft Agent Sandbox provides a single point of focus, saving time and eliminating errors for operators.

“The Infinity IS Soft Agent, using 1Call’s Sandbox search technology, offers users new and powerful tools for call handling, as well as information access and sharing,” according to President Tom Curtin.  “The Soft Agent uses industry standard protocols, including SIP, to integrate with PBXs and IP-based switches and gives healthcare call centers a more efficient way to handle calls throughout their enterprise.”