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Feature Content:

Vendor Spotlight: LVM Systems: Real-time Data Reporting
Easy, direct access to data is crucial for running an exceptional Healthcare Contact Center, and LVM Systems understands this need. . . . << read more >>

Vital Signs: How to Improve Patient Satisfaction in your Healthcare Call Center
Think Like a Caller and not a Call Center Manager, by Peter DeHaan
In healthcare, we talk about the needs of patients, and in call centers we talk about the
needs of callers, that is patients who call on the phone. Yet both needs are challenging to fully
attend to. . . . <<

Case Study: Jackson-Madison County General Hospital
Utilizing Secure Messaging for Efficient HIPAA-Compliant Communications,
by Nicole Limpert
Pager-like systems have been used since the 1960s, quickly becoming the industry standard for
sending messages. Over the last few decades, the way hospitals communicate sensitive
information has evolved. . . . <<

Survey Myths Debunked: Low Response Rates, by Bob Kobek
One common myth I often hear about surveys is that “response rates are declining.” There
are always variables that might cause this, and there are certainly solutions. . . . << read more >>

Ten Years Ago: Four Tips to Fast-Track Agent Onboarding by Anna Convery
Healthcare companies are transitioning from a “let’s wait and see what happens” mindset to the definitive reality of and associated preparations for the new healthcare system. . . . << read more >>

Industry News

Wisconsin State Journal Names Amtelco a Winner of the Madison, WI Top Workplaces 2024 Award. . . . << read more >>  

Marketplace Directory: AnswerStat listing of leading Healthcare Contact Center Vendors

LVM - Healthcare Contact Centers

Startel first impressions are everything

Keona Health

Patients Count: Enterprise patient feedback solution

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