Class and Event Registration Software and Service

Class and event registration software can streamline the registration process for call center agents. It also can reduce errors, increase accuracy, and synchronize with other databases. Some offerings have web-based and/or IVR components that allow for multiple customer touch points and self-service options. If your call center is using a manual registration system, or wants to add registration service, it will be worthwhile to check out these leading vendors and service providers.

The following vendors offer class and event registration software:

1Call, a division of Amtelco
4800 Curtin Dr
McFarland, WI 53558
Matt Everly, Marketing Manager
The 1Call Division of Amtelco is a developer of call center PC-based PBX consoles, emergency notification (HEICS), and communication systems designed specifically for hospitals and healthcare organizations. The 1Call systems are designed to streamline communications when time is of the essence in sending or sharing information with healthcare professionals and personnel enterprise-wide. 1Call’s eCreator system simplifies time-consuming calls, such as class registration. eCreator can also create customized Web-based scripts and integrates with databases, facilitating the flow of information and ensuring that the call center and all departments have access to current information.

LVM Systems
4262 E Florian Ave
Mesa, AZ  85206
Robert Cluff, Vice President, Sales
480-633-8200 x223
LVM Systems, Inc. develops software and related Internet products exclusively for the healthcare call center industry. Their primary niche is solutions that support nurse triage and disease management, as well as referral and marketing services. They have served this market for 16 years and have hundreds of healthcare organizations as clients. The company’s cornerstones are comprehensive software, outstanding customer support, and proven clinical content. They have collaborated with Drs. Schmitt and Thompson to provide after hours, office hours, and website versions of their triage protocols. The LVM team also provides implementation services, on-site training, phone and remote-access support, network consultation, and customization of screens and reports.

[From the February/March 2005 issue of AnswerStat magazine. Updated as September 2018.]